1. Johnny P!

    He can even make something as fun and innocent as sledding with your child on a field of white snow seem macabre. Back home, Helena is no doubt adding eye of newt to the hot chocolate.

  2. What you can’t see in the photo is that they’re riding on Johnny Depp’s back.

  3. Baddog

    I never seen someone look so solemn while riding a sled down a hill, but knowing Tim Burton he is creating some sort of wicked nightmare along the way.

    • it had to be said

      Maybe he’s just annoyed that he can’t sled with his kid without some assface taking a picture.

  4. EricLr

    Wish I had a nickel for every time that kid is going to hear “Why is your dad so weird?” from other kids.

    • dontkillthemessenger

      When the kid responds, “You must not have seen my Mom yet”, you know he’s in trouble.

  5. Not seen: Johnny Depp wearing eyeliner, a weird wig and holding a vintage film camera.

  6. Dink Lincoln

    In the UK his kid would be the oldest SOBER chauffeur he is likely to find. Well played, Mr. Burton.

  7. Adam

    Wow, I had assumed any child of Tim Burton’s would have purple skin. Oh well, I guess I still have Barney.

  8. Looks like Tim is on the verge of a narcolepsy blackout.

  9. mickey B

    all that white stuff? Semen.

  10. pretty vacant

    u just know each strand of his hair has little mouths that are screaming as they go down the hill.

  11. ShockingBlue

    Kid: Just go man!
    Burton: …
    Kid: Wow… that’s pretty warm!

  12. Haddo01

    Nicolas Cage has gone method

  13. cc

    ‘Geez, this kid just won’t stop smiling…I am wasting my time here.’

  14. His face says “Hello, I’m Tim Burton”, but his hair says “WHEEE!”

    • kaos

      (But, yeah, I’d be pretty annoyed if some idiot with a camera took my picture if I went sledding with my kids..)

  15. journalschism

    The sled is an artifact. Let’s see if Artie can get it back to the Warehouse without using his Tesla gun on the kid.

  16. Codot

    Tim Burton’s “Sledding”.

    Starring Johnny Depp as The Sled.

  17. salavation

    ” The Nightmare Before Christmas “

  18. Kat

    Mr Tim’s Mild Ride

  19. Liberal Scientist

    The nightmare before the greenhouse effect.

  20. Ana

    Billy? That’s such a normal name. I am dissapoint.

  21. Steelerchick

    Wheeeeee this is fun!! says Tim.

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