1. I would not mess with that man.

  2. He was arrested in Sanger TX which is 55 miles north of Dallas.

    • tlmck

      And only a few miles from his house just off Richland Chambers lake. Awesome looking place.

    • I like how the Dallas people need to insist this happened somewhere else. “We don’t cotton to the celebrity shenanigans they put up with in L.A. This here is God’s countr—dammit, Khloe!!”

      • I don’t care whether it’s Dallas or anywhere else. To say he was arrested in Dallas instead of the actual town is just flat out lazy reporting. Fish just grabbed the headline from TMZ.

  3. Johnny P!

    Like the dog in the ads for the humane society that no one wants to adopt.

  4. Deacon Jones

    (glances at cut-out magazine photo of Chris Hansen, crushes in fist, looks up at mirror)

    “Wait’ll he gets a load of me.”

  5. The fascinating thing is that genetically he’s 99.5% the same as a human. Eat THAT creationists!

  6. Country Bumpkin

    The things a guy has to do to keep cred in the Honky Tonkin’ ‘hood…

  7. Someone should tell Superman about Brainac being arrested.

  8. …and THAT’s why old women sit & talk about old men.

  9. Manthou Artdust

    Giving Lyle Lovett a run for his cartoon-faced money.

  10. Guess his pick-up truck left him.

  11. Joe Blow

    Motherfucker look like a serial killer.

  12. Wimpy awkward kid with sad moustache

    This guy was totally hard on Level 6 of Mike Tyson’s Punchout.

  13. Contusion

    Hanging out in front of Baptist churches with a bottle of wine is actually a pretty good way to pick up dudes.

  14. pretty scary

    obviously he got publicly intoxicated from some fava beans and a nice chianti- th-th-th-th-th-th-.

  15. His face is a travisty.

  16. That one tune of his, “Old 8 x 10,” was evidently about his forehead.

  17. just here for laughs


  18. cc

    Was the driving the ice cream truck from the movie ‘Legion’?

  19. Nothing says ‘country bad-ass’ like a steel plate holding the bridge of your nose together.

  20. Neil Patrick Harris, this is your future

  21. slappy magoo

    Reed Richards like to get fuh-ucked uh-up!

  22. Little Tongue

    “Hey, Butt-Head, do you think I’m beautiful?”

  23. Sad Panda

    How drunk do you need to be to get arrested for public intoxication in Dallas?

  24. Why do I hear Sheriff John Bunnell lisping “You can’t get away from the LAW!”

  25. Sud

    They found him drunk in his car in front of a baptist church. Now that’s country.

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