1. Not to sound racist but most of the black players have more testastarone than the entire Giants and Patriots combined.

  2. Deacon Jones

    That doesnt look like lingerie to me

  3. arnieblackblack

    Who said sexist? Not me!

  4. TimmyB


  5. Cock Dr

    The flowers of womanhood take to the field…..

  6. Buddy the Elf

    Just off camera:
    One huge pile of cracked walnuts.

  7. Adam

    So Reggie Bush played this year?

  8. Crack special teams

  9. tlmck

    Somewhere Alex Rodriguez is marking down the numbers 9 and 2.

  10. After that last one, I’m just glad it’s not another picture of their faces.

  11. cc

    I really like number two’s ass.

  12. Well, looks like I won’t have to agonize over my Pick 3 lotto numbers tonight.

  13. G.I. Jose

    OK, this makes up for the Stone post. But don’t ever do something like this again.

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