1. arnieblackblack

    If those are marks out of ’20′. It’s pretty accurate

  2. Cock Dr

    They must have been so fucking uncomfortable playing with wedgies like that. Damn…..lots of chafing I’m sure.

  3. vgirl

    At first I thought I was stairing at sanitary napkin strings hanging out of their underwear. What are those? Garter belts?

    • mickey B

      you are probably a ‘v’ but you obviously ain’t no ‘girl’.

      • Haddo01


      • vgirl

        @Mickey B Last time I checked I still had a vag, so yes I am a girl. If I were the costumer of these classy outfits I would have made the Faux garter belts any other color than white. I would suggest black would have been more classy and appealing.

  4. cc

    At the end of the match they discard their undergarments in a pile…then I roll in them.

  5. Fuck… 926 or 218… now what?

  6. KC

    Finally, an explanation for those numbers from “Lost.”

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