1. Hugh G. Rection

    What a stupid fat fuck. He was the only one with a chance to keep Hilary out of the White House, but he blew it for some petty bullshit.

  2. Fancy Face

    He would have gotten there sooner, but traffic was murder

  3. fred

    “So, basically what I am looking for is a burrito that would fit inside of this helmet, yet be so big that it would continue out of the back to about . . . here.”

  4. Is it any wonder people had trouble getting out of the stadium and NJ in an orderly and efficient manner?

  5. lawn

    “Sorry I’m late, got caught in a traffic jam.”

  6. rican

    “Where the donuts! I don’t care about a fucking helmet! You said there were going to be donuts! I want the donuts!!”

  7. Did he give the Seahawks defense a pep talk later on? They were amazing at blocking lanes.

  8. I bet he filled that helmet with hot buttered popcorn

  9. “Now I will pass this around like I did the blame for the whole bridge fiasco.”

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