1. Cock Dr

    I’m guessing that’s an everyday street sight in Berlin?

  2. JimBB

    I really need to move to Germany.

  3. Fuck yeah. If you got it, flaunt. She looks damn good.

  4. Son of Flubber

    It would crazy funny if some random dude, just run up behind her, and started tapping it. :P

  5. The new Euro pube grooming trend – beargina

  6. kafak

    So I’m assuming she had absolutely no coverage on bottom. What happened when it was time to go? Did she have to shove the bottom half of that bear between her legs and goose walk to her car?

  7. Are you sure she isn’t a transsexual?

  8. The most boring naked chick in the world. I guess she will be endorsing Michelob.

  9. Frank Burns

    Because Germans love bear-lingus almost as much as sprinkle films.

  10. crb

    Looking a bit vapid, plastic, bobble-head-Barbie, but Great Googly-Moogly those are some freaking Legs and WHR!!

    I’m more ashamed of the fact she’d actually let me than the fact I absolutely would.

  11. She’s gotta have the toughest nipples of any woman…alive.

  12. Conveniently hiding the dick I see.

  13. anonymous

    Somewhere out there both Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber started flicking their beans.

  14. I see Build-a-Bear Workshop is using the same ad agency as Carl’s Jr.

  15. Rob

    I love those Dancing Bear videos!

  16. gary coleman's ghost


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