1. MOOOO! Goddamnit, MOOOOO!

  2. alex


  3. Ralph

    What a fat pig.

    • MarketingMike

      Make that “Nasty” Fat Pig.
      Finally a shot without Photoshop.
      Bet she has Cellulite on her Cellulite…

  4. JimBB

    Thank god Kevin Smith was on hand to make a movie about her.

  5. tom

    More like Kim Lardashian to me.

  6. Son of Flubber

    They called me mad at Harvard Medical when I graphed a female head on a fat cows body. Who’s laughing now!?!

  7. whatever she did to her face is a huge fail. Even with the vapid personality and fat ass, I could at least say she had a pretty face. Now she just looks fucking weird.

  8. That’s just disgusting.

  9. Senor Trout

    Note Kylie in the background talking to the paps – ‘yeah, I’ve seen it since the baby was born…all cellulite and more dimples than a tractor-trailer full of Titleist Pro-V 1′s…mom said the contract states I have to let you guys shoot me for five minutes, too, so where do you want me to be?’

  10. kafak

    I heard from another site that she wants to be a “size 0 bride.”

    That doesn’t seem to be going too well for her.

  11. “Eff this!”, said Photoshop.

    • crb

      You know, maybe This was the reason Adobe Creative Cloud had all those crashing server-farms.

      Better call ILM. -They did Jabba, after all.

  12. Okay, hope she’s on her way to self-awareness class 101.

  13. Just a disgusting pig.

  14. Where’s Captain Ahab?? We found the great white whale!

  15. Ha, ha! That’s hilarious! Her ass looks HUGE! Her head and legs look like they came from one woman and her boobs from another! And look how wide and flat that guy with the camera looks. Funhouse mirrors always crack me up!

    Wait, what?

  16. You couldn’t straighten that with a steam roller.

  17. It looks like Bessie is out of her pen again .The farmer must be feeding her well.

  18. anonymous

    She is built like a whole chicken that you can get at the grocery store.

  19. This is what happens when you try to stuff ten pounds of bologna into a five-pound bag.

  20. What the fuck? Her face looks like a Picasso painting.

  21. thecowgoes


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