1. JimBB

    Looks like a scene from Sad Max.

  2. Guy on the right:

    “Yep…that’s a dick alright”

  3. Bonky

    By the way, which one is Pink ?

  4. Four dudes and a microphone.

  5. kafak

    I don’t know if it’s the lighting or not, but I’m definitely seeing bulge on Pink.

  6. JC

    “Some day, I’ll be promoted from penis squisher to real dancer,” thought bald black guy.

  7. fred

    I wondered why Joe Jonas was at every performance. Now I know.

  8. Mostly male gang bangs are just so complicated now. Whatever happened to the daisy chain?

  9. Heywood Jablomie

    This isn’t the fight scene from Dune?

  10. MarketingMike

    Just think, this guy could have been President…

  11. caley

    “Dude, watch out, you’ll put your eye out!”

  12. Vic Damone

    yes…there’s a herpes outbreak in your life line..

  13. Whoever is in charge of the tuck needs to be fired.

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