1. JimBB

    …And any hope of convincing his family that he’s not gay just got thrown out with him.

  2. He just wanted a song about him… Mission accomplished.

  3. Damn it! The assassin I sent failed. Oh well, my backup agent in the tutu is in postion.

  4. Lord Helmet

    Pathetic! Throw him in the pit with the rest. Whoever stays alive longest gets to juggle live cobras for my amusement.

  5. fred

    “Alright, alright, I’m going. I just wanted to pull her pants down so that they sit on her actual hip.”

  6. I realize now why you hardly ever see any pictures of her fans.

  7. alexxx3488

    What’s up with fat Rihanna in the right hand corner?

  8. Aunt Cracker

    Every time a Tayior Swift fan gets the beatdown, a fat fairy gets her wings.

  9. Schadenfreude

    But, but…I’m the only guy Taylor hasn’t dated yet. Taylor! Tell them……..

  10. Swearin

    So this is a vision of our dystopian future; Chancellor Taylor Swift, having conquered all the nations of Earth, forces all peoples to attend her concerts. Those that attempt to approach her are taken by her J. Crew-appareled minions and are never heard from again. Her powers fully manifested, she controls an army of fairies to keep the dissenters in line. John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhal, Harry Styles…these are but some of the names of those who suffered the most as her dark reign began

  11. Guess the camo t-shirt didn’t work as well as he had hoped.

  12. anonymous

    He should be embarrassed. Not for being arrested but for being at a TS concert.

  13. “Now you’ve done it you arrogant prick! You are banned from Taylor Swift concerts FOR LIFE!!”
    “Thank you guys… Thank you!”

  14. He only made it up 2 steps before tiring.

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