1. Is this the new Coco Instagram filter all the rappers are talking about?

  2. Ronaldo

    She always delivers.

  3. I thought it was Coco. I should’ve known it was Ireland because of her hair, but from this angle I damn sure wasn’t looking at her head first.

  4. i stare forlornly at the mirror, heavily saddled with the reality that I do not have another “Dis how chicken ____” joke in me. I search the weeded over back alleys of myself, but it’s like trying to pour a shot out of an empty liquor bottle.
    My thoughts turn to fantasy: In another world, I win the lottery and can afford Joanna Krupa as my wife. We have sex every night in the missionary position, and I force her to say “Dis how chicken fuck”. She doesn’t understand my proclivity for the phrase. “Americans” she thinks to herself, yet she loves the phrase, because it always brings me home.

    Then a singular reverie that pulls my consciousness back to earth: What if there is another Krupa joke? What if there’s one more in there? Hope dawns. Perhaps, Much like the proverbial chicken egg itself, I could pull it out of my ass.

  5. Wow. Alec and Kim must be proud.

  6. Presenting….

  7. j/k

    Look closely, there’s cameltoe!

  8. Thought it was Coco. My bad. (Or hers?)

  9. Butt Plugger

    I would definitely tongue punch her dirt star from that position

  10. Lord Helmet

    Let the descent into twerking begin…

  11. Not a good pose…or camera position. If you ignore the blonde hair, it could be a lumpy Kardasian ass.

  12. That camel toe looks delicious. Nice and plump.

  13. Mike

    Thank God it ain’t Coco. Enough of that bitch.

  14. Aunt Cracker

    So young to already be that desperate.

  15. diversity hire

    Poor Alec. Where did it all go wrong with this little pig?

  16. anonymous

    Someone want to explain to me how posting your ass on instagram every week counts as “modeling”?

  17. eh

    That is one stretched out asshole. Looks like she’s been doing the difficult brown since she was 14. The Manhattan/LA upbringing.

  18. tlmck

    “Look Dad. I am now a Lardashian!”

  19. Yup, that’s her all right!

  20. Ruckus

    It is nice of Uncle Danny to take all of these pictures for her.

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