1. JimBB

    Man, that Sting gets ALL the pussy.

  2. “You see it WAS Lord Farkelsham, in the Library, with the Candlestick!”

  3. kafak

    “Is that… Morrissey? I’ll give you a crown jewel if you nail him in the back of the head with a spit ball right now.”

  4. Tired with the Olson Twins, Bob Saget decides to try a cougar.

  5. JC

    “Oh how I love to hide behind Edward III’s tombstone, then jump out and scare the commoners!”
    “Yes, Your Higness. A most entertaining game.”

  6. The Analyst

    In every photo of the Queen in a graveyard, there’s an heir to the throne out of shot, plotting to push her in to an empty grave.

  7. Calling Kathy Bates…your next role has just been found.

  8. greenmeanie

    The Queen is meeting up with John McEnroe in a graveyard? I heard she needs the money, but he’s only worth about $17.50.

  9. Swearin

    “Is he gone, do you think? Have I eluded him yet again?”
    “I have a confession, your Majesty; I’M the Grim Reaper!”

  10. lawn

    C’mon, she looks pretty good for such an old dame.

  11. When people go to the cemetery, the queen likes to knock over the grieving peasants and then hide in the bushes.

  12. “Keep your eyes peeled, Your Majesty. That Jesus fellow is supposed to be here momentarily.”

  13. K-tron

    “You told me this was going to be a Tarts and Vicars fancy-dress party. I fall for it every time.”

  14. kaschuh

    “shhh – it’s around the corner”

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