1. JimBB

    Mommy’s already taught her that if you’re beautiful enough, you can just make the man do all the climbing FOR you.

  2. Liev’s trying to escape up the rope after giving that girl and epic vag wedgie.

  3. “EEEK A MOUSE!”
    “Stop being a pussy, Joe Jonas.”

  4. If Liev was Woody Allen, he would have no trouble explaining to his daughter why he can’t close his legs on the rope like she can.

  5. crb

    “Did I look like I was kidding? -Sabretooth will kick your punk a**, you little bitch.”

  6. “Make you a deal, honey. You climb to the top, and I won’t make you watch Ray Donovan next season.”

  7. anonymous

    Didn’t Liev learn the trick to climbing a rope in gym? You wrap some of the slack around one of your ankles so it tightens whenever you take a break and loosens when you start to climb again.

    Trying doing what his daughter is doing and see what happens to your nuts.

  8. “Um…this rope smells like balls, ass, and Axe body spray.”
    “Wait a minute…How do you know what Axe body spray smells like?”

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