1. “Excuse me guys, while I pull this string that helped me tuck it in…”

  2. El Jefe

    She looks so awkward in a dress, come here baby, let me take that off for you.

  3. YoMamma

    You can dress her up but she’s still gonna be drunk, shoeless, with smeared mascara, and smelling like puke hair by the end of the night.

  4. Any Guy

    face of DOG. seriously. enough with this ugly bitch.

  5. stacy

    She is just a party girl.

  6. They must have caught her mid-sneeze…this is the closest to a smile I’ve ever seen on her face.

  7. She learned from Reese Witherspoon how to maintain her center of gravity in awkward positions by using her chin.

  8. IamaGirl

    I’m attracted to her

  9. Julie

    That chin will cut you.

  10. tlmck

    I’ll bet she and Paz de la Huerta have a hard time making eye contact.

  11. EricLr

    Looks like someone threw their back out trying to get work.

  12. vgirl

    Did she trip on her new ankle monitor?

  13. I am a straight male and yet somehow I would totally hit that.

  14. Bigalkie


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