1. Frank Burns

    Diabetes doesn’t appear to be stopping Paula from going for her favorite kind of sausage. Y’all.

  2. Judging by Bobby’s complexion, I’d venture to guess his member looks like a stick of butter…

  3. I can’t beat the first two comments…but Paula Deen can!

  4. El Jefe

    Bet this is the last time bobby hides a stick of butter in his pants.

  5. Miley

    It’s the Throwdown ya’ll!

  6. drj

    Well, at least it’s low carb…

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    The other other white meat isn’t a diabetes threat.

  8. He ejaculates insulin.

  9. “Judging from the size of your gut, I can tell you’ve never watched my show.”

  10. bigalkie

    C’Mon ladies.. We have plenty of room on the GILFBUS!

  11. squishy

    What is sadder is that he isn’t even trying to appear to be stopping his mother from opening his pants…

  12. dooood

    Aaaahh florida, where every old bird gets to tug on vince mcmahon

  13. My mom starts acting all crazy too, when her blood sugar drops.

  14. PeggyGuggenheim

    You know what Paula’s favorite part on a man is? His penis.

  15. Straight to the A

    It’s a cooking show with a different kind of salad tossing.

  16. EricLr

    Gotta hand it to her. She see’s what she wants, and she goes for it.

  17. The early bird gets the worm, right?

  18. cc

    Oh geez, I figured this was a spring break dick measuring contest.

  19. vgirl

    In your best southern drawl….”Yup, just like I thought! It’s about the size of a stick of butter!”

  20. Pascalecake

    If ever there was a psychopath in plain sight, it’s Bobby Flay.

  21. Kat


  22. somerandomchic

    Uh, bad touch Mrs. Lady.. MOMMY!

  23. “Christ, Paula! I said I had a hankerin’ fer a corn dog, not a blow job.”

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