1. She must have stepped on one of his balls…

  2. Dashwood

    “Do you like my new dentures? Erin tells me they make me look years younger.”

  3. El Jefe

    Desperately holding in the puke from having to have an octogenarian touch and have sex with her.

  4. JC

    Janice Dickinson?

  5. little turtle head

    Smile harder Stephen or I’ll stick my fingers deeper in your ass.

  6. Raoul

    Yes, because THERE is the face a woman wants to look at during sex.

  7. Frickin’ lesbians.

  8. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    These May – Halloween romances never really last

  9. Kiss My Ass Elmo

    I should have taken the butt beads out of the box before inserting them.

  10. More makeup, longer hair and more accesories than his date. Dude looks like an old lady.

  11. Any Guy

    if they have love in an elevator, she will need a defibrillator.

  12. j/k

    Damn this chick’s mascara is tight!

  13. stacy

    She had just told him how much the night was going to cost him.

  14. was he snorting coke directly off her chest?

  15. I wonder if he got a senior discount on that outfit

  16. Dude looks like a very old lady.

  17. It kinda looks like one of her casters got stuck.

  18. dontkillthemessenger

    A lot of pressure is on that zipper to keep America from going blind.

  19. Johnny

    Ugh! This mannequin is heavier than it looks!

  20. dooood

    at what point does havin a world class collection of VD being really old and lookin like rob zombie’s reanimated corpse prevent a rich rock star from scoring some hot poon

  21. Rosalie

    This weekend, it just so happened that I rewatched “The Howling.” I know what’s going on here.

  22. Damnitmorris

    Dude looks like Carrie Fisher

  23. Nice work people. I laughed so hard on this thread that I was gagging.

  24. Chimpanzee

    He’s about to throw his poo, look out!

  25. Lynx

    So how much does the aids research rake in?

  26. Turd Ferguson

    Holy Christ, he has an awesome manicure.

  27. journalschism

    Is that Aerospackle on her chest?

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