1. Ich bin ein Shatner.

  2. Shayne

    Say what you will about Captain Kirk getting fat in his old age, but that man right there is 83 next month. He could pass for a plump 55.

  3. “Captain, there be whales here!”

    “Fuck you, Scotty.”

  4. Slappy Magoo

    and I think it’s gonna BE a long long time, touch down BRINGS me right again to find, I’m NOT the MAN they think I am at ALL, OH, no no NO…

    I’m a Hot Pocket Man!

  5. “Captain, I am sensing a large gravity field coming from your captains chair.”

  6. “Kirk to Enterprise. One and a half to beam up.”

  7. He finally ate Sulu.

  8. I’ll joke about Shatner, but his portrayal of the Big Giant Head means that no matter how many old or fat or cadence jokes I make, I still respect the man’s ability to take it all in stride.

  9. “To boldly go where no man has gone before…”
    A German buffet restaurant. *shudder*

  10. Vlad

    This next song is dedicated to Spinee

  11. Someone left the cake out in the raiiinnn…
    So I ate it.”

  12. christine

    looks like the mad cow is really taking its toll.

  13. “There’s something on the wing…some…thing…on..the wing…”

  14. “Enough about Star Trek. Lets talk about the sweet buffet at my hotel room.”

  15. malaka

    better watch out for the klingons near uranus.
    lol.. captain’s log.

  16. he always looks so haggard/washedout/like he ate 10 baskets of chicken wings. fucking gross

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