1. Yet another starlet with the face of a 12 year-old.

  2. Looks like Rumer and Selena spliced together.

  3. Iamlegend

    Is there any difference between Demi, Debby, or Selena, other than one does coke, one does sizzerup and one, who the hell is Debby? All interchangeable spinners

  4. From her eyes to the top of her head seem extra tall. Kind of like a Six Flags Caricature.

  5. Emerson Biggins

    I had no idea who she was so I googled her, now that I feel i’ve gotten to know a bit about her, I want to constantly cum all over her face for the next 6 months, is that weird?

  6. Another Disney Kid before the fall.

  7. Enjoy is now guys. Before Hollywood ruins her like all the rest.

  8. mmhmm

    Her face is retarded and hideous

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