1. Tony Stark, Lounge Lizard.

  2. He like a lawn gnome pimp.

  3. “Lucila, stay back. My scarf detects another giant octopus. I will defeat him.”

  4. Flaming Seven


  5. “I’m sorry, Al, I’m not as good of an actor as you. I can act like I’m sexually interested in you.”

  6. frankie

    Getting a suit to fit just isn’t as easy these days.

  7. Nice to see him cleaned up a bit. For a while there, it looked like he was striving for the full Nolte.

  8. journalschism

    When did Pacino morph into a 60s-era Klingon?

  9. your tongue, my balls.


  10. Swearin

    So not only is he going home with her, she’s reaching for a friend…are we sure “Devil’s Advocate” wasn’t real?

  11. “Always a couple steps behind me, babeā€¦the camera shouldn’t show that you’re a whole head taller than me.”

  12. glam

    That’s the look of a woman who’s going through it.

  13. Amazing. She actually got him to take a shower.

  14. Alberto Del Rio needs to lay off the spray-on tan.

  15. thecrazybetty

    all over him like a cheap suit.

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