2. buzz

    Wow! Khloe pays her “fans” a $100 to pretend to be fighting for a photo of her?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    I guess Lou Diamond Phillips will do anything for $100 now.

  4. That guy just won $10 millions bucks from Animal Planet.

  5. BeastMaster

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a gravitational pull works

  6. “I’ll pay $100 to anyone who acts like they like me!”

  7. That Sweet Funky Stuff

    New immigration deterrence law…pay $100, dry hump Khloe’s booty, and capture the memory with a selfie. If you survive the humiliation: WELCOME TO AMERICA!

  8. caley

    “Help! She’s taking me back to her cub!”

  9. Ahhhh, does poor wookie have a parasite?

  10. Wookie rape is a crime. At least it is in Star Wars

  11. Lou Braccant

    I pay you dollar, you carry me to Jumba Juice!!

  12. Vlad

    I’m not Chewbacca, you idiot!

  13. “Hey, Pancho, you can’t butt fuck me right here in front of God and everyone!”

  14. “Look at me! I’m keeping up with a Kardashian!”

  15. “Let go of me, pendejo culo. I’m trying to find the woman who was looking for a lost one-hundred dollar bill.”

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