1. dontkillthemessenger

    I think that kid is adopted, but he somehow inherited his father’s… flair?

  2. brick

    “You can’t out gay me! You can dress all gay and weird and stuff all you want son, BUT-IT-WILL-NEVER-HAPPEN!”

  3. monkey wrench

    “Two questions, Oscar…1) are you a boy 2) who’s your mother?

  4. Robb7

    Why do these knuckleheads continue to scoot around the streets of NYC. Go live in LA if you want to do that shit.

  5. “Don’t worry, son. They used to say that about me. All you have to do is get really buff, play a superhero, and marry some *shudders* woman.”

  6. Don Draper's Dad

    Uggs? You seriously wore, uggs?

  7. The Pope

    “So when do you go back to being Tom Cruise’s son?”

  8. Does anyone know for sure if this kid is adopted? ‘Cuz he looks aboriginal.

  9. Trousers

    I hate this kids clothes so much that it makes me hate myself

  10. “Dad, can you teach me how to ride a bike and buy me some manlier clothes?”
    “*Gasp* Whose son are you?”
    “I’ve been asking mom that for years.”

  11. The kid looks gayer than his dad. Ugh, the boots. WTF?

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