1. Phil Donahue

    She can’t act, but, damn she’s hot.

  2. WTF? are those new?

  3. Robb7

    When did she pick up that pair?!

  4. Beer Baron

    Nice Bolt-Ons, but what a Dog Faced Gremlin.

  5. She’s really gone downhill recently. Time for her to join us mere mortals.

  6. Dolce

    She looks old as fuck

  7. Remember when she was hired as a Daily Show correspondant and showed up, like, three times? i’m guessing Stewart isn’t a big fan of shrimp sauce.

  8. the lesser Olivia

  9. Yeah, De Havilland used to be way hotter.

  10. Swearin

    “She walked into my office like she’d been carried on the wind, a leaf in the night set down on a moonlit lawn. I tried to maintain respectability but her cans were hard to avoid, rising out of her dress, bluer than any ocean I’d ever known. This dame was special, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Then she grinned, wide and wild, and I knew: it was the look of crazy. It’s intoxicating. Whatever case she brought me, I was already in.”

  11. She looks great. Forever love. AOTS is one of my favourite shows of all time. She’s so fucking sexy.

  12. she always stands so awkwardly

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