1. buzz

    Is this the same jacket Khloe was wearing last week with the message on it?

  2. joe

    Worst thing about being the low-man in Kim’s Klan is wearing the clothes they make after shearing Khloe.

  3. aunt Bee

    Say what you will about PETA, but, I have to agree…people who wear fur look like total douchebags…not that Kanye needs help in that department

  4. Odbarc

    “Fur is murder! Fur is murder!”
    Kanye defends his fashion choice by saying, “This is just what’s clung to me after Kim shaved.”

  5. renotastic

    Nice! Coyote or German Shepherd?

  6. He makes Al Pacino outfit look good

  7. There’s not an iota of douche occurring in this picture.

  8. Fucking gross.

    And the fur is in really poor taste, too.

  9. There’s no way that fur coat is bullet-proof. Someone call PETA, immediately. And tell them to come loaded for bear (so to speak).

  10. OldDirtypants

    Is that the same fur coat the Ying Yang brothers said “This is what you need to get!” in their Cribs episode?

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