1. Radadoon

    Damn Freaky!!!! Ozzy in Drag!!!

  2. I have heard some camera’s can add 10 lbs but this one looks to have added 70 lbs…..

  3. Little Tongue

    “Get this mirror away from me NOW!”

  4. Jade

    That’s the scariest sex doll I’ve ever seen.

  5. Juch

    Must be the first catwalk show where one of the models is wearing McNuggets.

  6. Fat and ugly is no way to go through life Kelly.

  7. “Someone, please, throw me a dead bat!”

  8. She looks like Bruce Villanche.

  9. She can kill a boner faster than a tub of ice water!

  10. The purple hair is SOOOOOOOO edgy. Did she buy that color in bulk?

  11. olivertwist

    “Bitch stole my look”- Grimace

  12. gin&tonic

    Oh come on… There WAS a brief time period not that long ago she was kinda hot. I’d still hit it but now it’d just be because her dad’s one of my all-time rock idols and after the shameful coitus I’d hope to run around their house stealing memorabilia and shit before security throws me out.

  13. buzz

    Dammit. Fat lady just sang….does this mean the end of….everything?!?

  14. holosolo


  15. Coitus Unranus

    Sloth LOVE Chunk!! Baby….Ruth?!? Baby.. Ruth?!?

  16. “OH MY GOD! I can’t believe I won Tranny of the year!”

  17. It so nice to see the albino from the Princess Bride got some color and is still around

  18. Now you know the model for your blow up sex doll. Your welcome.

  19. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…
    I used to think she was kinda sexy. But that mouth looks forbidding enough that I don’t think I’d put my dick even in IT.

  20. kelovision

    *whale call sounds*

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