1. kafak

    Corsets are like photo shopping yourself in real life.

  2. Aubrey O’Day’s dress is so complex it takes a Chinese Engineer to do it up, that’s right, not even a regular engineer, but a good one!

  3. “Jesus, the tits on this mannequin are so lopsided!”

  4. coljack

    “Make my boobs look great!”

    “Damn it, Aubrey, I’m a tailor, not a miracle worker.”

  5. “try to remember Chan, which button did Dr. Soong tell you to press when this happens”

  6. “How come this doesn’t fit anymore? It was perfect last week.”

    “That’s because you sucked 9 dicks since then. Ever hear how much calories is in a load?”

  7. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Zen Master Ben Wah pushes Aubrey to maintain her calm demeanor while retaining 3 billiard balls.

  8. “Just give me a second to wind up the giant key on your back, so you can march forward saying, “I suck cock to stay relevant”.

  9. Most people would show a little more emotion when getting fisted.

  10. Yoko One got a side job?

  11. S. Hemp Melipone

    Smaller dress image affixed to larger dress in order to make wearer look smaller: not working

  12. Damn, she is bringing the heat these days. She looks great.

  13. This is new…I’ve never seen a photo of her taken by someone other than herself.

  14. fred

    Just this morning I was wondering to myself what Michael Jackson with gigantic tits would look like.

  15. “Christ, why do they make the batteries so hard to change in these things?”

  16. gin&tonic

    At least she finally stopped taking selfies in front of the crapper.

  17. Pretty bad when you can’t get into a dress that already shows you’re larger than your photoshop-waisted self even when not full done up.

  18. Fancy Face

    That look on her face is the very moment she realized she couldn’t photoshop this picture since there is a legit human being in it. And they don’t have oddly skewed curves with blurry edges!

  19. Edna Mode has her work cut out for her this time…

  20. kelovision

    because it doesn’t matter how much money or Insta-fame one garners, Aubrey will kowtow to whoever will spend V-Day with her in the sluttiest dress found on Rodeo…Fame is…SO…LONELY

  21. “Thank you for warming up the lotion before rubbing it on my back.”

  22. Elf

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to see those model makers at Madamme Tussaud’s in action.

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