1. Seems he took one of Kim’s clothing accessories with him…

  2. Radadoon

    I’m a Ninja, Dammit!

  3. Kim’s head is in the bag woven from her ass.

  4. Ironically that’s the same bag that he made Kim wear over her face the first night they had sex.

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “Goddamnit, I’m not Kanye West! I’m Solid Snake, and y’all can’t see me! Octocamo, muthafucka!”

  6. He’s starting to dress like Erwin Johnson III.

  7. “Don’t make me go Assassin’s Creed on you, and pull my swords from my bag, bitch. HURRY UP!!”

  8. Where’s a UAV when you need one?

  9. I think Ubisoft is out of ideas for the Assassin’s Creed series.

  10. First leather jogging pants, now oversized ski masks with the face cut out, this man is a fashion genius I tell you.

  11. Gay pose, gay looking coat, gay looking boots, gay looking bag. Thank God the Trojan NaturaLamb Woolen condom on his head pulls that entire look together.

  12. steel murkin

    He looks like an idiot in that outfit.

    Because he’s not wearing leather jogging pants.

  13. ultra

    just begging for a full cavity search.

  14. joe

    Looks like he got his foreskin restored.

  15. Bonky

    “No its not a ‘hoodie’, its a thirty-eight hundred dollar Balaclava
    woven out of the silk from rare black moths of the Himalayas, bordered
    with a trim of fine Mongolian camel hair spun from…you know what,
    fuck you… you motherfuckas ain’t worth it. Go buy a hat from
    Walmart or somethin’…”

  16. buzz

    So is that what you do when Kim blows out one of her winter tights?

  17. Doesn’t look at all like a gayfish…

  18. fred

    I must be getting old, because to me, this looks like a guy in a ski mask who just stole a purse.

    And before you get all high and mighty, I did not say “black” guy, so that comment was officially not racist.

  19. gin&tonic

    As much as I’d love to see him get dropped in the street, I’ll settle for sitting back and watching him and SofaAss spiral into obscurity as he rants and raves that the real reason 17 people showed up to his last concert was the white man being afraid of his genius and causing a blizzard

  20. papastryfe

    Lamest Daft Punk costume ever

  21. gumbypokey

    I can’t believe I belong to the same species as this.

  22. He looks suspiciously like someone who is planning a multiple-pronged terrorist attack on Tijuana.

  23. Nut bra


  24. Looks like a balaclava designed by pharrell williams

  25. coljack

    “Haters. Y’all don’t understand may! Imma like a musical terrorist.”

    “Uh, yeah, no one’s going to argue with that.”

  26. martina

    “Damn, Kylie looks great!”

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