1. “Does this scarf smell of chloroform to you?”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    The expression on Mila’s face = My review of “jOBS.”

  3. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Mila improvises while anxiously awaiting her shipment of D&G burqas to completely hide her shame.

  4. “Next week I’m dumping you for Hot Donna.”

  5. Frank Burns

    To Mila’s dismay, Kutcher’s narcissism was so intense it actually gave off an odor which smelled like gasoline, farts, and angst.

  6. She always look like she is ashamed to be seen with him, which she should be.

  7. She can do such better.

  8. Phoenix

    “I smell vinegar and water.”

  9. “The paparazzi are here. Let’s separate…”
    “Oh Ashton…Thank you! You made me so happy!”
    “Don’t cry. We’ll get together later!”

  10. Kunis: “Ah-BearsSuck-Choo!”

    Kutcher: “Bless you.”

  11. I hate him for what he’s doing in her vagina.

  12. “FUCK! Too late, Mila. They recognized us.”

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