1. ThisWillHurt

    Good thing they put blinds on her, she would’ve wondered off course.

  2. Girls…never stand directly behind mommy.

  3. Little Tongue

    Two foals and a dam! Nice!

  4. Mommyyyyyy, why can’t we go for a sleigh ride instead. Shush dear, I told you, the sleigh’s harness has been chafing my skin.

  5. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    Cloppity Clop Clop! Cloppity Clop Clop!

    *PLOP*! “Oops! mommy dropped a ‘loaf’ Heehee!”

    Two emabarassed litle girls who will NEVER ask for a pony.

  6. “Just close our eyes and go to our happy place…”

  7. joe

    Dashing thru the snow . . . on a one-horse open-sleigh . . ..

  8. ElPollodiablo


  9. fred

    Just then, Tabitha twinkled her nose and turned Mommy into a real . . .you know the rest.

  10. Yeah, ice spooks the police horses here, too.

  11. Those are some adorable little girls. Why are they alone with that mare? That’s kind of dangerous, no?

  12. Ah, she brought the filly s along! (yeah, sorry.. I went there)

  13. bolsu

    The Budweiser commercials are really going downhill

  14. I thought the Mayor was banning these things in the park.

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