1. ben dover

    she is kinda cute too bad shes the size of a whale

  2. Bonky

    “Kim, watch out for that puddle of pee. No, Kim, WATCH OUT for
    that puddle of pee. NO, KIM, DONT WALK INTO THAT PUDDLE
    OF PEE ! Kim, OH MY GOD, Kim, that’s a puddle of pee STOP

  3. George P. Burdell

    She has spent her time trying to perfect her Emily Ratajkowski face.

  4. Soon they will reveal themselves as the crime fighting duo, known as, “Black Man and Cow”.

  5. Still looking for a place to spit.

  6. Mah wips are too bwig

  7. ultra

    the epitome of hurr durr

  8. meeps!


  9. buzz

    It’s funny you can almost read her saying “whale” “trout” or fish on her lips.

  10. fred

    Dis how dumb no talent fame whore look.

  11. The Most Interesting Black Man In The World

    I often find myself mildly amused, yet, always titillated when white women who date black men get collagen injections in their lips to make them thicker, fuller, juicier and of course, more functional. It’s the same concept as fattening up the pig for the slaughter. How thoughtful of them.

    The Most Interesting Black Man In The World

  12. gin&tonic

    Noone cares anymore Kim

  13. Johnson

    Looks like she saw one of the ohotogs dicks and is heading in for a closer slurp, i mean, look.

  14. Johnson


  15. “Call Homeland Security for me. I think Kanye is planning on attacking Tijuana!”

  16. Elf

    “Really? It was a golden bikini and not a golden shower bikini? You’re kidding!”

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