1. That’s not an award. He fashioned that from what he had in his pockets.
    I’m on to you, Depp!!

  2. “Without make up artists, I would be David Spade.”


    how does johnny depp show up at a makeup artist award show not wearing any deppscara?

  4. buzz

    They had to give him that award or he would continue taking back the Amber Heards back from the LGBT.

  5. fred

    . . . and the winner of Best Harry Potter: Top Half of Head goes to . . .JOHNNY DEPP.”

  6. How does a guy who hasn’t washed his hair since the Clinton Administration have the nerve to show up to an award show for hair stylists?

  7. So Depp is accepting an award at a makeup and stylists ceremony? wouldn’t be like me showing up at the Adult Video News awards and getting a trophy for masturbating?

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