1. cmonreally

    Here girl have this already opened bottle of- shit wait, turn around for a second and don’t look until I say okay.

  2. Mini-Corona – Check
    Girl under 4’5″ – Check
    SUV go kart – Check
    Half a roofie – Double-check.

  3. Cee lo looks like shit

  4. He’s standing on a Volkswagen, isn’t he?

  5. Qmak

    “Is that guy over there driving around town with the girl I love?”

    “Should I still get in the car Mr. Green?”

  6. “And then I’ll spin around in *your* chair, except it will be me! HAHAHAHAH”

    (points inside car)

  7. “Hey girl, why don’t you just sip on that drink right there in the center console for me”

  8. 6 oz beer bottle for size reference,,,,,.

  9. “No I don’t know Willy Wonka, bitch. Get in the roofie-wag…van.”

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