1. Siri,

    Where can I find a port-a-potty?

  2. ThrewUpInMyMouth


    Siri …Why can’t I hear you?!?

    (because your earbuds are still plugged in, fvcktard!)

  3. No one wants to tell him that “Her” was just a movie.

  4. “Come in PETA, douchebag on 4th Street…I repeat, douchebag on 4th Street…bring red paint…over.”

  5. Bubbleguts

    The jeans are 1992 Levis and the jacket Wookie

  6. “Operation: Bender is about to kick into full effect”

    “Understood. How many, this time?”

    “3…. for tonight. We can dump the bodies off the GW.”

  7. That coat is 100% Wookie. Has anybody seen Khloe Kardashian lately?

  8. Juch

    “Suri, please map the locations of public health clinics and hippy festival port-a-pottys.”

  9. waynemoores

    “Everybody’s talking at me.”

  10. “Computer? Computer!”

  11. “Siri:Directions:Fur Coat Fetish Anonymous of NYC”

  12. “Siri…tell me I look cool”

    “Ok, you look like a tool”

  13. Elf

    “Captain’s log. Star date…. hold on a minute… I’m a star, right?”

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