1. Shaggy 2 Dope

    “Surprise, I’m pregnant with your derp-faced-faced baby! Pay up, sucka!!

  2. The Pope

    If only they made Spanks for faces.

  3. ????
    she was so hot a minute ago.

    Boy, that escalated quickly. That really got out of hand fast.

  4. gin&tonic

    seriously: is she actually pregnant or what’s going on? those dresses are built in with corset boning and shaping material to suck in the gut (and just to be clear I only know this because my sister took some costumery sewing classes)

  5. I actually thought this was Madonna for a second. Yeeks.

  6. She was sold to Ernest Hemingway for 8 dollars at the celebrity auction.

  7. Johnny Barbells

    …c’mon guys, ‘fish was lobbing you an obvious “dis how chicken___” softball.

  8. She’s still got a dynamite rack.

  9. Nut bra

    Herro. I’m Uma Furman.

  10. Some Jerk

    So that’s what QT meant by pot belly.

  11. Ronaldo

    If not, she needs to work on that belly

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