1. “Yep. I’m still gross.”

  2. George P. Burdell

    I didn’t know they were serious about that “No shirt. No shoes. No service.” shit.

  3. I must admit…he’s still a stud.

  4. Qmak

    “Please Mr. Hasselhoff, you’re going to lose your dignity…….”

  5. It’s not a bath house

  6. “Damn moths!”



  8. “Siri, where is my dick?”

    “David, that is Bed, Bath and Beyond Me”.

  9. “Not bad for over 60, eh, KITT?”
    “Actually, Michael, I think you’ve really let yourself go.”

  10. gin&tonic

    The thought of having to go to Bed Bath & Beyond personally makes me want to tear my hair out and stick my dick in the car vents; but sure, you can just strip naked and throw yourself in your trunk to hide from the wife and kids. That works too

  11. Swearin

    “Okay, until you lose some weight, no more slow-motion beach running”

  12. Hugh G. Rection

    There was a movie called Logan’s Run, about a future society where no one was allowed to live past 30. Sometimes that seems like a good idea.

  13. I want to make fun of him, but admittedly “Bed, Bath and Beyond” does indeed sound like the name of a brothel.

  14. Huh.. so that’s where he’s living now..

  15. “The old gray mare shees ain’t what shees shoesed to be, ain’t chwhat shees choose to be, taint watch chee shooshed to be. Thee old gray…”

    *shits pants

  16. “No matter how much I work out my tits don’t get any bigger and my chest still points to my pecker.”

  17. It’s always a good idea to comb the burger crumbs out of your chest hair right after you sober up.

  18. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    More like, Bed Bath & Beyond The Pale.

  19. christine

    I looked over to the description hoping it would clarify why he is shirtless in a parking lot (beach, gym) but nope. bed bath and fucking beyond.

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