1. Frank Burns

    Here’s hoping he’s a gerontophile and dates Samantha Eggar.

  2. I got nothing. I want his life. Fucker.

  3. Nutterbutter

    who’s a wascly wabbit?

  4. Cherrie

    Don’t understand why men love this man. Do they know he’s a man?

    • lily

      i dont understand why WOMEN love this man. he has this underwhelming skinnyfat body and looks prematurely OLD, like he smokes 2 packs a day or something. i guess thats why hes perfect for madmen.

  5. Warren Piece

    Cherrie: Because he’s a super nice guy by all accounts, never an A-hole, gets to play a super-cool womanizing character on TV, is self-depricating, easy going, talented, a gentleman, has a pretty wife, is clean, funny, and because of all that, guys don’t have a problem complimenting him on his timeless good looks as he embodies everything cool and stereotypically “guy”. K?

  6. YagiSka

    Jon Hamm is so cool that another man can be all man crushing like that and the rest of us will just go, “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

  7. DeucePickle

    I guess i’m too damn manly to understand the appeal of this guy or comprehend that he is the definition of handsome. I don’t have anything against him but i would appreciate it if he would stop hosting Saturday Night Live.

    • browny

      Men are jealous because Hamm has IT ALL. He’s gorgeous, sexy, intelligent; in short, the package….

      mmmm, the package….

  8. Dracula’s wondering eyes

  9. Steelerchick

    Love this guy!! Yes I would….. twice.

  10. fartbucket

    Oh my god I’ve got a raaAAAAaaaging clue right now

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