1. EricLr

    Quick, throw water on her!

  2. DiegoAD

    Someone check her spinal column to see if she’s been replaced, ’cause that can’t be Scully!!

  3. chris breezy boxing academy

    from the closeup it appears Ms Anderson is losing her battle with Morgellon’s

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    This is called a diversion. Unfortunately, sometimes, the disaster still draws most of the attention.

  5. Cock Dr

    Tits cannot make up for hair disaster.

  6. More like Skully, amirite?

  7. Bonky

    She has less than 60 days before she becomes totally un-fuckable. The time is now !

  8. hbw

    Scroll down till she looks good.

  9. tinklepants

    Meryl Streep looks FUCKING FANTASTIC! Oh, it’s who? Wow, nevermind.

  10. mulder


  11. The Brown Streak

    “Why yes, I do share a room with Margot Kidder. How could you tell?”

  12. SFfan

    “What do you mean my wig hasn’t arrived? I’ve got to be on the red carpet in an hour!”

  13. uncle denial

    I want to believe…this isn’t Gillian Anderson.

  14. cutthecrap

    Move along now people…nothing to see here but sad tits and crazy eyes

  15. tlmck

    She was just a lump of flesh when the aliens found her. They put her back together the best they could. But since they had never seen a human before, they had no guide. Hence, the eyes tilt one way and the tits the other way.

  16. lily

    she would look so much better and 10 years younger with a better hairstyle

  17. Michael_D


  18. Fuck hypoxyphilia, the Fright Boner is the way to go.

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