1. skidmark

    evidence leads to recently sucking off a leprechaun

  2. nick

    ahem…white trash. ’nuff said.

  3. Any Guy

    fat, pale version of Grace Jones. accentuated with trailer park tattoos, i see what she did there.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Must be true. If leopards were ever going to change their spots it’d be now.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Boy George has awesome breasts.

  6. yoyoblack

    i’d hit that, too. with a lead pipe straight to the dome!!!!!!!!

  7. Looks to be some sort of gravitational vortex just behind her right elbow.

  8. Cock Dr

    St Patrick’s Day isn’t for over a month.

  9. Deacon Jones

    How the fuck am I the last to know about them remaking “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” ??!

  10. Oh good. She takes Mastercard.

  11. Watch out, fellas – not even cheetahs will keep her from running off with your Lucky Charms.

  12. CK

    Green looks better on you if you have red hair, honey.

  13. Bonky

    That’s the only bitch that can pull off that look and really make it hot.

  14. “Ooh, that shade of lipstick really brings out the green in your shoulder.” —Actual selling point at the cosmetics counter.

  15. O'Flanahey

    The yuck of the sheesh

  16. John Riley

    Straight from Snooki’s “Pickle” sucking class.

  17. tinklepants

    Vulcan Vampire. That’s a new one.

  18. The Brown Streak

    I remember him from the Dungeons & Dragons movie.

  19. Colin

    Can we stop pretending she’s anything other than a butt ugly star fucker? I actually wrote a drunken email to Smirnoff about how I can’t drink the flavors she advertises because I think of her and suddenly want to vomit.

  20. ri

    This is what America is all about. Anyone can turn being Kanye’s cum dumpster into a career. I wish it wasn’t but it is.

  21. Hooker Spit

    What did you expect the spawn of Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren to look like?

  22. Proof that she’s been going down on LiLo’s rotted crotch.

  23. her outfit tries to say ‘African queen’, but her face definitely says ‘robble robble’ to me.

  24. lily

    such a try hard. trashy and chunky looking

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