1. Well, he had to die of something….

  2. nick

    I honestly can’t think of a worse way to go…

  3. yoyoblack

    there’s that black guy…. saying it all…

  4. Bigalkie

    A couple of phonies.

    • Deacon Jones

      If you’re calling McCartney a phony, you’re obviously a fucking moron who knows nothing about anything.

    • cc

      She’s as big a fucking poseur as there’s ever been.

      He, on the other hand, was the real deal, but the song he sang at the Grammys SUCKED.

      • Colostomy Bag

        Paul maybe past his prime, but Gaga’s total oeuvre will end up not being able to touch any single 1 of his Beatle’s, Wing’s or solo efforts.

    • Biff

      Agreed. Finally….someone else has come forward with the truth. The real Paul died in 63 by the way…not 66.

  5. Probably not the first time he’s been kissed by a beetle.

  6. Cock Dr

    This ain’t nothing. Remember the one legged crazy bitchwife?
    Paul’s been through a lot worse.

    • You know Paul likes them to have odd numbers when it comes to limbs. Does that pimp cane Gaga’s clutching qualify her as a potential three legged crazy bitchwife?

      • Cock Dr

        I think that cane may serve as one helluva long reach dildo. Keep an eye on where she swings that Sir Paul!

  7. He’s saying to himself, ‘Where are those bloody Wings when you need ‘em?’

  8. Bonky

    Yup, you stand to close to GaGa and you get the AIDS. Check out the black dude on the left, he knows what time it is. Sir Paul, you are fucked.

  9. John Riley

    Somebody has another bloodsucking leech attached to him.

  10. Paige

    All points to Paul this round, would have liked to see him on stage with Bruce though.

  11. As the talent vampire claims another victim, a black dude says it all with his eyes…

  12. Little Tongue

    That flesh eating disease is quite harsh, this year.

  13. The Brown Streak

    Ewwww…why can’t I see that black guy’s hands?

  14. Rosalie

    She’s wearing full mourning, isn’t she.

  15. YagiSka

    It’s very brave of Paul to come out of the closet at this point in his career. And at the Grammy’s no less.

  16. That’s how the fish looks when the lamprey gets hold.

  17. LordInvader

    Yo, dawg, she is suffering from the worst case of hemorrhoids I have ever seen!

  18. uncle denial

    And that’s how the Gorgon turned the Beatle to stone.

  19. “You’d think that people would have had enough of Lady GaGa…”

  20. journalschism

    (Liev Schrieber narrates): …But McCartney could never have imagined that 48 years after triumphantly bounding down those airplane steps at JFK, he’d be competing with a woman with a screen door wrapped around her face for cultural resonance.

  21. Paul is da man. However… his Grammy song…sucked.

  22. Pewpsock

    “AH! I just filled my depends…”

  23. Tillman

    “No worries, I’ve hugged Yoko. I got this.”

  24. awalk

    This pic is hot

  25. Colostomy Bag

    Who is that old, ugly thing with its face touching Sir Paul?

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