1. This looks like a photoshop fail. Who’s thumb is that?

  2. “No way!?! Doogie Howser is a gay?”

  3. Bigalkie

    I had this same look of surprise when I found out that Jake was gay! You rascals.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    One of them just blew a dude.

    (Hint: It’s the one who plays a really annoying person on TV.)

    Damn, you need another hint?

  5. Deacon Jones

    “Your hand is on my ass!”

    (throwing voice) “I know, im not gay, it’s a cover, keep smiling”

  6. tendrils

    thought that was nic kid for a second.

  7. MRF

    That look in his eyes says Doogie knows exactly why no one sticks around.

  8. Jimmy

    *gasp* My very own Neil Patrick Harris!
    Can i eat him?

  9. Bonky

    Why the fuck does this picture look photoshopped ?

    Taylor has her trademark “Oh my God, I won another award” look and Doogie looks like he was modeling something for GQ.

  10. “He’s gay? But…I already wrote three songs about him in anticipation of our breakup!”

  11. Bitters

    Doogie wows her

  12. hbw

    “I’m gonna jam my thumb in its butthole now, that’ll really piss it off! Oh wait, it’s Neil.”

  13. lori

    I’ve now seen her with exactly two facial expressions. Both vapid.

  14. The Brown Streak

    “Oh my god! I can’t believe I’m here with The Greatest American Hero! Can you sing ‘Believe it or not’ for me?”

  15. If no one’s made a Taylor Swift inflatable sex doll before today, they will now. Based on this photo alone.

  16. Clown Shoes

    “Hey Taylor…he’s gay.”


  17. uncle denial

    “Dr. Horrible is real?”

  18. Not pictured: Jake Gyllenhaal holding a microphone.

  19. tlmck

    “I just met two of them gay people y’all!”

  20. “What do you mean I can’t date either of them? Nobody had a problem with my last 3 boyfriends being gay.”

  21. lily

    shes pretty

  22. angerinside

    By the end of the line she had fallen in love 4 times, been dumped 5 times, wrote 3 hit songs and confused a gay man when he looked at her from behind.

  23. Pewpsock

    And with a heavy heart, the assassin crept up quietly behind Doogie Howser, he decided to only use his thumb to kill the Doctor, as his pinky finger was much too powerful.

  24. EricLr

    I’m conflicted as to who I would rather fuck. On the one hand, I’m not gay. On the other hand, I’m picturing having to have a conversation with one of them afterwards.

  25. cc

    I am accustomed to see this shock and awe face whenever I drop my shorts and unleash the monster.

  26. j/k

    Guy in the background, “She totally thinks it’s NPH grabbing her ass!”

  27. Tillman

    “I’m am SO prettier than they are!”

  28. Jaycee

    Is that a pistol in your pocket or…err…oh…it is a pistol.

  29. Neil, you naughty boy, stop conjuring invisible cocks into people’s mouths.

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