1. I guess a roll of Mento’s can get you in anywhere.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Hey, his kids may be tattoo covered degenerates or braless penis cake eaters, but they’re still alive.

    2012 Father of the Year.

  3. Is that Miley’s whisker biscuit?

  4. Something tells me he eats a lot of leftover penis cake.

  5. Bonky

    Well, he finally got the pimp costume he should have bought ten years ago when it made more sense.

  6. …and the Grammy for “Father of the Year” goes to Billy Ray Cyrus!!! hah, just kidding…it’s Chris Brown.

  7. tinklepants

    Wow, Val Kilmer’s really making a comeback!

  8. The Brown Streak

    Can someone give me a lift? I done did spend all my daughter’s money, y’all.

  9. It’s nice to see he took time out of his busy schedule of eating Taco Bell and sodomizing kin to attend the Grammy Awards.

  10. Dbert

    Looks like one of the Apple Dumpling Gang was hiding out in Dick Tracy’s teleportation device again.

  11. tlmck

    All he needs now is a saxophone, a dimly lit bar, and some talent.

  12. Jimmy

    hahahahahaha what a joke

  13. “Looking for Carmen Sandiego. It’s just one of my many interesting hobbies.”

  14. YoMamma

    “I wear my sunglasses at night… to spy on my girlfr– daughter”

  15. EricLr

    Looks into my private eyes…they’re watchin’ you…

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