1. B&WMinstrel

    Tramp and a cardboard cut out? It’s Dublin Style!

  2. DeucePickle

    Oh goodness, if I don’t get your ass-train straightened out, you’ll just look silly.

  3. “Sorry, you’re showing a little too much leg for network TV. Let me get that black band back up.”

  4. Cock Dr

    Nice job hiding the penis.

  5. I want to lick my way to the centre of that heart.

  6. She should probably try harder…

  7. so they covered up all the good parts, and left her face visible? bad plan.

  8. Man… That face is rough.

  9. John Travolta

    Wet spot much?

  10. She is a long ways from Comic Con.

  11. Subtlety. I haz not it.

  12. anonymous

    If you do a Google search for images of her with the safe filter on, I think you’ll find this is what she typically wears going to the mall.

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