1. WTF?
    The Guido Bridesmaid Collection?

  2. Cock Dr

    I’m sorry to say that IMO it all looks awful.

  3. JPC

    It’s so nice they let actual AIDS patients get up on the runway during the charity event. It has to be a big boost to her self-esteem.

  4. This is the best she’s ever looked. Mostly because her body is mostly covered.

  5. The reality of AIDS indeed.

  6. tlmck

    That is what Jamie Foxx likes.

  7. too bad this isn’t like an aircraft carrier runway, so she’d fall into the ocean at the end.

  8. “And here to represent ‘The Reality of AIDS’…”

  9. It’s Fashion Weak.

  10. broduh jenner

    this show should have been called the reality of 15 min of fame

  11. The reality is you are not a model bitch.

  12. tito

    It looks like she’s every girl in that line except the blonde.

  13. I know Hobbits are proud of their hairy feet, but those feet really should be covered for a fashion show.

  14. First they train a bear to ride a bike, now they’ve got a pig walking upright and wearing dresses. This is an amazing time we’re living in!

  15. skippy86

    My fucking drapes, you bitch!

  16. Jackie

    And now ladies and gentlemen, REAL AIDS!

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