1. ThisWillHurt

    He had to flee when he saw another gay rumor headed his way.

  2. Swearin

    Manliest sashay I’ve ever seen

  3. ♫Come on baby, let’s do the twist ♫

  4. schmidtler

    He’s managed to make Lance Bass look straight.

  5. “Can’t catch me, gay thoughts! (Notice I’m not running very quickly.)”

  6. Lisa

    Must…find….bathroom…I just pulled a “Roker”

  7. broduh jenner

    looks like remmer’s getting an invisible rimmer

  8. “Beep Boop Bop”
    “I- Am-A-Robot.”
    “Beep Boop Bop”
    “I-Can-Jerk-Off-Two-Guys At-Once.”

  9. Dexter

    He’s doing Moe Syzslak’s walk across the stage of the Bachelors Auction, straight into the rejects section.

  10. I’m so pretty, oh so pretty.

  11. Axerty

    Haters gonna hate.

  12. martian

    I like jeremy and his smirk. nice guy, intense actor.

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