1. Two men I can’t stand oggling a sweet youn…. wow, would you look at that ass?

  2. Cedric has the right idea.

  3. So thaaat’s where the white women at.

  4. fvv

    Holy fuck is that a nice ass

  5. ThisWillHurt

    “We want the redhead!”

  6. cc

    Actually Photoboy I imagine there are other pics from this event you could have picked. Better ones. Think of ‘asses’

  7. Jade

    Jamie Foxx is an idiot racist.

    Yeah, I know it isn’t a very good caption.

  8. tlmck

    The reason Jamie ain’t lookin’ is because she ain’t “thick” enough. He likes ‘em Jessica Simpson size.

  9. Dr. Monkeypants

    In the back of every picture is a white boy unable to maintain his cool.

  10. Jamie Foxx and Cedric The Entertained

  11. The most talented Black People On Earth.

  12. Professor Chaos

    I’m guessing that girl doesn’t have enough penis for Jamie Foxx. He has that “icky” look plastered all over his face.

  13. moochi

    he about to nail her ass

  14. Jerry

    Jamie and cedric aint doin nobody but each other. They senior citizens. Look at all they grey hair. Dem dere girls could be their kids. Damn….

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