1. “Ma-maa….you said you wouldnt play hide da veggie anymore…”

  2. Dox

    “Hmmm…. I wonder if that’s going to be big enough…”

  3. Six hundred bucks for a bunch of carrots? Even the child disapproves..

  4. Just thought of her new sex toy line, “Stuffed by Duff”

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    The Mexican in back is wondering if it’s worth violating parole.

    I say violate away… all over the cauliflower.

  6. 5 bottles of wine, and a bunch of carrots. Why is shopping so complicated!

  7. Groaner

    This reminds me of a joke about two women working in a garden. When the first woman pulls a huge carrot from the ground, the other goes…hey, that reminds me of my husband Johnny. The first women says, really, that big? And the second woman says, no, that dirty.

  8. Yep, those are indeed whole carrots.

  9. “Yo ese, how much you think we can get for that kid?”

  10. Mohawk Disco

    How many you think mommy could take? 1-2? Nah, I can fit all of them!

  11. Thirty seconds before Hilary Duff fashions a pair of nunchucks out of two packs of carrots and narrowly escapes her kidnappers in Whole Foods with her son Luca and a basket of wine.

  12. So she’s one of those annoying fuckers who parks their cart sideways and takes up half the aisle. Lovely.

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