1. what we cant see in the photo is that shes driving a stake through the master vampire and kicking him down into a bottomless pit which seals the gateway of dlhmockls and saves the world.

  2. “Kristen Stewart? No, I have no idea of her whereabouts, why do you ask?”

  3. “I love working with Robin Williams, his constant ad-libbing doesn’t drive me at all nuts.”

  4. She plays Robin Williams mother right?

  5. Still hot. Would do.

  6. mike

    I’m liking Victoria Jackson with the straight hair.

  7. You would have to bang her if you could for no other reason than, Buffy. I mean that is a mega notch in your belt if there was ever one.

  8. When you are acting with Robin Williams, It is just best to let your mind go.

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