1. “I’m NOT GAY.”

    (laughing hysterically) “Yes you are, yes you are”

  2. “Just because I cupped Xenu’s princesses tiny balls in my hand like so, DOES NOT MAKE ME GAY!
    I blew him and that maybe made me gay”

  3. ” I swear I grabbed tranny boob.. you gotta belive me!

  4. “Listen! I am a Hollywood tough guy! I can’t squeeze you into a pulp, but I can act like I can if the script calls for it!”

  5. “Telling you, if you grab your man’s balls with this technique, it makes the sex so much better”

  6. schmidtler

    Jeremy can explain it all he can, but people who don’t get what a ‘rusty trombone’ is, are never going to understand it.

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