1. Did you say cocaine?

  2. Looks like he just found out her secret.

  3. Flatliner

    Jesus! I’m getting the shivers and the sweats from that look.

  4. Got to admit he plays a pretty sweet vampire.

    • anonymous

      Should be easy for him- all he has to channel is his real addictions when he is a vampire looking a blood.

  5. BlackManUSAonTwitter

    “Tell me I look like Vincent Price…”

  6. Jenn

    They didn’t say she was naked. I need more drugs!!

  7. It’s scary how much respect I lose for people when I discover they like or associate with that pretentious sack of herps.

  8. donkeylicks

    Velvet Goldmine flashback.

  9. Geez, I feel like I need antibiotics just looking at this pile of crotch critters

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