1. He’s 65. His liver must be three or four times that.

  2. Prague? Looks like he’s in Cardiac Arrest to me.

  3. It’s fun to imagine a lot of these old rockers without their long dyed hair and dated rock outfits and picture them with bald heads, plaid shorts and tall socks with a bowling shirt. Like my grandpa.

  4. How’s that blood pressure, Lobster Man?

  5. “Just let me die please, someone just push me in front of a moving bus”

  6. Mohawk Disco

    I’m in Prague?! How did I get here? Who am I? What’s the meaning of life? Shaaaaroooon!!!

  7. Ozzy: “I love being in a parade, Sharon.”
    Sharon: “No, Ozzy, you’re in PRAGUE!”

  8. Phoenix

    Clearly in the pink of health.

  9. ‘Come on grandpa, your room is back this way…’

  10. The only person more shocked by Ozzy’s sudden appearance in the middle of Prague than the Czech guy in the background is Ozzy himself.

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