1. dontkillthemessenger

    No Angie, you can’t adopt an old woman.

  2. Buddy the Elf

    buying a few more kids in time for the holidays?

  3. Snuggles

    Looking at the thumbnail I thought it was Kelly Brook (fucking defective eyeglasses!).

  4. Nik

    Remember when she was like the hottest chick alive? Now she looks like anorexic worn out mom.

  5. “My name is The Craw.”
    “The Craw?”
    “No, not The Craw. The Craw!”
    “Oh, yes… The Craw.”

  6. If ever there was a woman who didn’t deserve to wear white…

  7. cc

    Is the first step in the budding political career I’ve heard she’s planning.

  8. surgerylass

    Angie looks fabulous! She is very beautiful and vibrant, inside and out.

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