1. Evil Dick Tater

    Why is there never a crane hoisting a piano by a frayed cable around when you need one?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    From really hot to really not in less than a calendar year. Quite a non-accomplishment.

  3. Jezebel

    When did Snookie transition from “guidette” to hipster?

  4. “No, don’t worry about that anymore. These shorts just gave me a vasectomy!”

  5. “Now where did we park the time machine?”

  6. Slutty Native-American Hooker with Mom Shorts is the new black.

  7. queensgirl210

    stupid fucking hippies

  8. Problem?

    Gee, no naked pictures “hacked” from her phone this time around? Or does she not have an upcoming movie, CD, whatever it is she does?

    • Count of Monte Fisto

      No, her new movie comes out in February. Expect some around mid-January, give or take. It’s coincide with the awards season as well, just a fun fact!

      • Problem?

        So we will eventually have to listen to her whining to the tabloids of being hacked again then.

        Dumb bitch.

  9. cagster

    This is your friendly reminder to start your transition to “Jessica Simpson” wardrobe.

  10. Miss C

    Dances with Vulves.

  11. Biff

    You guys are so hilarious with the comments, I don’t even bother to look at the pics anymore.

  12. Swearin

    Because nothing says Native American homage more than holding hands with a tall, blonde white man.

  13. Mike Walker


  14. Sin

    HIPPIES!!! Where is Cartman when you need him?

  15. cc

    Off to the VW bus!

  16. “Occupy Beverly Hills!”

  17. tlmck

    We can always look forward to when her sister becomes legal.

  18. On a positive note, she does have lovely thighs!

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